Principles 3 through 5


3. Stay on Top of the Conversation

This one flows naturally from Principle 1: Be Proactive. Basically, Principle 3 is about keeping an eye open and being prepared for any potential negative press. This means staying active online, regularly checking online sources to get a sense of your company’s online reputation, and actively contributing to the conversation whenever possible. This has the added benefit of not just increasing your awareness and protecting against potential negative feedback but actively engaging you with your customer base online.

An active social media page can increase customer opinion of you or your company. This is because it creates a safe and convenient place for people to ask questions and interact with other fans of your product. It also brings criticism into a place where you have the ability to confront and control it.

4. Rapid Response

As stated before, it’s a mistake to assume that online criticism is beneath your notice. While it’s important not to over react or come across as defensive, ignoring such negative PR can cause ill will to fester. If a problem comes up that can be solved, address it with respect and efficiency.

People don’t like to be ignored. If someone is voicing a concern acknowledge them and tell them a solution is in the works.

5. Acknowledge Your Critics

It’s important to be respectful, even if your critics are not. After all, you are a respectable public figure while they are anonymous. Don’t ignore or belittle those who speak out against you. You might not be able to change the mind of the critics but you can increase the positive opinion of others acknowledging the opinions of others and treating them respectfully, rather than letting the critics turn you into the villains of the story.